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A Briefintroduction of JLS-China

History: JLS CHINA (wholly owned subsidiaries of Jaykal USA) wasfounded in 2008, to supply innovative LED lighting productsto municipal 

and federal entities in developing North American, Asian andMiddle Eastern nations.

R &D: We have an in house researchand development staff that designs and createsthe best value productand the best price for the 

market. We have lighting, structural andelectrical engineers on staff to accomplish this.

Manufacturing: We have in house capabilities to for thefollowing manufacturing processes at our 12,000 sqm facility in Huizhou,China

·        LED Chipmounting & PCB Component mounting for drivers. 

·        Stamping & Bendingof Sheet Metal 

·        Productsurface Coating/Painting

·        Finalassembly of fixtures

QualityControl: We have dedicated staff for PMC, IQC and QA thathelps with having quality check points at different stages includingmaterial 

procurement, intermediate manufacturing steps and final assembly.

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